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Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Star

First Nations Snowboard Team

First Nations Snowboard Team

Using sport for social change

The First Nations Snowboard Team (FNST) offers coaching for recreational and high-performance snowboarders of varying abilities, along with youth leadership, mentoring and instructor-training programs. The FNST consists of 12 provincial teams, benefiting almost 200 recreational and high-performance athletes from more than 12 Nations across British Columbia.

Opportunities for Aboriginal youth

The First Nations Snowboard Team (FNST) and its partners are establishing a legacy for Aboriginal youth by providing opportunities using winter sport as a vehicle for social change.  As the first snowboarding organization operated by Aboriginal snowboarders, it is leading the country in holistic and inclusive programming to develop, support and encourage Aboriginal athletes.

The FNST uses a holistic approach to teach life skills, incorporating honour, commitment, goal setting and dedication. In doing so, they are creating legacies focused on sport, education, culture and healthy living.

Social Sustainability

As a result of the legacy development work with First Nations Snowboard Team, we have been awarded a Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Star.  The Sustainability Star program recognizes Games-related sustainability innovations, focusing on social, economic or environmental benefit. Learn more about our organization’s social sustainability.

The First Nations Snowboard Team receives funding from Royal Bank of Canada and the Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund, which was established by the Province of B.C., the Squamish and Lil'wat Nations, and the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation. It is administered by 2010 Legacies Now.