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Hop™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource

Talk activity cards

All activity cards for early learning practitioners

Food Flair™ Early Learning Practitioners Resource

$26.54 plus shipping charges

The Food Flair Early Learning Practitioners Resource was created by nutritionists and has been adapted for use by early learning practitioners and caregivers. It contains information about nutrition, healthy eating and food-related topics, along with recipes and fun activities to do with children, and ideas and information sheets to share with families.

Food Flair helps to create environments that support healthy eating for young children and is part of the LEAP BC™ family of resources.

To order the Food Flair Early Learning Practitioners Resource please contact:

Pegwood Educational

This resource and its activity cards will soon be available in French.

Download Food Flair activity cards

  • All about seeds
  • Bread
  • Eating around the world - Chopsticks
  • Eating around the world - Tasting passports
  • Five senses - Mystery food
  • Five senses - Pretend grocery shopping
  • Five senses - Tasting party
  • Going on a picnic
  • Let's make! Apple cheddar quesadillas
  • Let's make! Bean burritos
  • Let's make! Hummus
  • Let's make! Sunomono salad
  • Pizza Pizzazz
  • Ready, Set, Eat - Placemats
  • Ready, Set, Eat - Pouring and serving
  • What is this for?