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Infusions: Arts in Education

"Don't see this as an extra. See it as the greatest opportunity to bring together teachers so that learning, deep learning, for all students is achievable and exciting."

~ Jill, Grade 5 teacher

Infusion: Arts in Education

Infusion: Arts in Education

Infusing the arts into all learning opportunities

Infusion™: Arts in Education is an educational program that uses the arts to enrich the learning experience for students and the delivery of school curriculum for teachers.

What is Infusion: Arts in Education?

Infusion uses the arts as inspiration.

Infusion is an easy-to-use framework allowing teachers in kindergarten to Grade 12 to engage students using theme-based learning activities. Infusion integrates the arts - visual art, dance, drama, music, literary arts and art technology - into any or all subjects so students can visualize, experience and express their learning in unique ways.

With Infusion, students become the experts on a theme or topic, choose how to learn about it, and then demonstrate their knowledge publicly. Teachers create memorable learning opportunities for their students using differentiated instructional strategies and meaningful assessment.

Infusion: Arts in Education offers:

Infusion: Arts in Education offers:

  • A fresh perspective on learning for both teachers and students
  • A flexible model to guide you in setting goals and building links across disciplines
  • An engaging, creative way of learning
  • An inclusive way to teach prescribed learning outcomes - adaptable for all learners
  • A way to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • An opportunity for students to celebrate their learning publicly

Infusion Community of Practice for teachers

Connect with other educators through our Infusion Community of Practice (CoP), which is available at . This free resource was created for teachers, by teachers, and offers:

  • Ideas and strategies to incorporate the arts into your curriculum using direct experience from other teachers
  • Tools to create your own Infusion units in the Build a Unit section, including templates that are easy-to-use and adapt
  • A collaborative arena to talk to other teachers that are interested in infusing the arts into their curriculum
  • A place to share your units and success with other teachers in BC

Download our free Infusion resources and sample units (PDFs) from . Available resources include:
  • Infusion Teacher Resource Guide
  • Infusion Planning Model
  • Prescribed Learning outcome document
  • Example Infusion units created by teachers throughout BC:
    • Creatures of the Night
    • It's a Jungle Out There
    • People of the Haida Gwaii
    • The Wild Wild West

For more information about Infusion or if you would like to give feedback, please contact Infusion: Arts in Education at the following:


Infusion™: Arts in Education is a 2010 Legacies Now initiative supported by the Province of B.C.