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Talk activity cards

Talk activity cards are a series of illustrated cards with activities encouraging learning through play, and early literacy and language development. These activities are designed for families, caregivers or early learning practitioners to enjoy with children from birth to 5 years.

Download Talk activity cards

  • Box town
  • Chasing shadows
  • Cloud play
  • Counting walks
  • Draw and talk
  • Drip, drop, plop!
  • Floating boats
  • Fun with letters
  • Let's pretend
  • Making photo stories
  • Mapmakers
  • Melting ice floes
  • Mud pie muck about
  • Mystery objects
  • Never NOT EVER
  • Outdoor detectives
  • Pick a letter, find a word
  • Rainbow ice
  • Remember when...?
  • Rhythm ruckus
  • Shoe shenanigans
  • Show me a face
  • Simon and Sarah
  • Snap! card sharks
  • Snappy rhymes
  • Sort and separate
  • Sorting stones
  • Treasure hunt
  • Tri-spy
  • TV talk
  • Wacky words
  • What comes next?
  • What is not?
  • Will you read to me?

All activity cards can be printed using a black and white printer.